Looking for Information on Recent PWAC Conferences? 
Want to Find Out About the Next Conference?

Every year, PWAC organizes a Conference to provide members with professional development, networking and social opportunities.  In this section, you can see what's coming up for the next Conference and look at previous ones so you know what you've missed; this information may also help you decide to attend the up-coming event.

If you were unable to attend our 2017 Conference in Fredericton, check here to see the program

Conference attendance is easy!

We provide several different ways for you to experience our Conference:
  • The full in-person package - the traditional way - which gives you access to all social/networking events and all professional development sessions
  • The PD-only package - includes only the professional development sessions
  • The on-line package - allows you to participate in the Conference live from the comfort of your own home (or where ever you happen to be)

No matter your preference, we have a package to suit you.  Check the upcoming Conference for further information!

Hope to see you next year - watch here for details!

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