2017-18 PWAC Board Contacts

Position/Name Contact E-mail
President: Christine Peets presidentREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Vice-President and Secretary; Board Co-chair of Communications Committee: Stephanie Lasuik vicepresidentREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Treasurer: Andrea Kovarcsik treasurerREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Atlantic RD; Board Co-chair of Professional Development Committee: Trudy Kelly Forsythe atlanticREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Québec RD: Karen Smock quebecREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Ontario RD: Elle Andra-Warner ontarioREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Prairies & the North RD; Board Co-chair of Partnerships and Advocacy Committee: Doreen Pendgracs prairiesandnorthREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
BC RD; Board Co-chair of Membership Committee: Lisa Caroglanian Dorazio bcREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Past President: Jay Remer pastpresidentREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Technical Advisor: George Butters supportREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Chief Administrator: David Petrie operationsREMOVE@pwac.REMOVEca
Conference Manager: Josée Lefebvre joseeREMOVE@associationconcepts.REMOVEca

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